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I believe that the only way to lead a meaningful life which is driven by you, for you, is to get real about your past so that you become free to choose your future.

I work initially by looking at your biography, and helping you get clear about who you've been until now. I believe that until you own your story, your story owns you. I'll help you look at the beliefs that have been holding you back, and where they came from. By releasing the old parts of the story, you become able to reclaim yourself and begin choosing a new one.

Once you're clear about who you really are, that's when things get juicy. Understanding what makes you tick is the fuel that reconnects you with your passion, your presence, and your purpose. I will then help and guide you in fulfilling the highest vision of your life: whether that's the ideal job, better health, or more meaningful relationships.

My practice is close to Lewes and Brighton, and only an hour and a half from London by train.

I offer two different types of sessions, all of which can take place at my home, or in yours:

Personal Development session (£55) :

This is a one-to-one session that lasts one hour. As you tell your story, I listen for the narrative. My gift lies in identifying the shadows that have gone unnoticed, the limiting beliefs that have crept under your radar. Once these have been outed, your Big Picture comes into focus and you become ready to live a very different life.

I use a variety of NLP-based coaching techniques, as well as resources I have developed from working and studying with such eminent teachers as Kenny Mammarella-D'Cruz , Jeremy Lazarus and Stephen Jenkinson.

Shadow Dialogue session (£100) :

This two-hour session really stirs things up! It provides a valuable insight into the different parts of you (your shadows) that may be running your life, and allows you to start working with them rather than fighting against them. Once they've had their say, you get your power back and can start calling the shots again, with their help.

I play the part of the mediator, and by letting the separate aspects of your being voice their feelings, often for the first time, fears are allayed, grudges are resolved and alliances forged. And the best thing of all is you probably didn't know they even existed: you've just been feeling the fallout as frustration, helplessness, or that "stuck" feeling that won't go away.

Book blocks of 3 Personal Development sessions for £145.

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