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Teen Mentoring Project

As a result of working with young men from diverse backgrounds over the last four years, I now provide a Life Mentoring service for young men (age 14-18).

The biggest killer of young men under 45 in the UK is suicide. This is a terrible statistic to consider.
Turning a blind eye, and pretending it isn't a big deal, or simply hoping the situation gets better on its own, are no longer sane responses.
I have seen first hand what happens when men suffer from mental health problems, and what happens when they don't. Even in so-called healthy men, there is often a sense of uncertainty or confusion around what it is to be a man in the world.

I offer mentoring sessions for young men with the explicit aim of redressing this situation. Over the course of the 1 hour weekly sessions, we will cover the main themes that make up healthy masculinity, and put them into practice.

They include:

- Providing a confidential, safe space in which the young man can really be heard.

- Developing emotional intelligence through exploring how the young man experiences and manages feelings (anger, fear, sadness, joy and grief).

- Exploring what it is to be a young man in the world today, and the process of becoming a man in our culture. What does that mean? How do we know when we get there?

- Tools to help the young man build resilience, and develop a clear and empowered sense of self, by exploring how he experiences external pressures: academic, domestic, social, peer group, etc.

- Honouring the young man for his achievements and qualities: something missing for many young men is hearing what they’re doing well, and why that’s so important (in contrast to the criticism and judgement that they so often receive).

- Modelling healthy, positive masculinity in the session.

The charge for this service is £50 per session (1 hour), or £135 for a block of three sessions.

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